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Juris Grasis

QSB Professor Juris Grasis
Professional Title: 
Assistant Professor
Molecular and Cell Biology
Dr. Juris Grasis leads a research team utilizing viral metagenomics to investigate viral ecology and evolution in host-associated systems. Further, the lab deciphers dark matter in viral genomes to learn how viral genes affect host systems. The lab also applies systems immunology to discover the evolution of viral recognition, self/non-self-discrimination, and tolerance to viruses. These interactions imply symbiotic relationships with viruses since the dawn of metazoan life. The lab examines viral symbioses in the context of the holobiont, the interaction of the host with associated prokaryotes, eukaryotes, and viruses. The lab uses the freshwater Cnidarian Hydra as a model organism to deconstruct, reconstruct, and visualize these holobiont interactions. Finally, the lab is discovering new viruses, and new antimicrobials and antivirals.
Research Program: 
Viral metagenomics, systems immunology, microbiome regulation, viral/antiviral discovery
QSB Emphasis Areas: 
Molecular Systems Biology
Microbial Systems Biology
Cellular Systems Biology