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Patricia LiWang

QSB Professor Patricia LiWang
Professional Title: 
Molecular and Cell Biology
Professor Patricia LiWang has been at UC Merced since 2008, and works on protein biochemistry and structural biology. Her work involves proteins that have antiviral properties and she also works on anti-inflammatory strategies. Recently, the group has examined the mechanism of the protein Griffithsin (Grft) in its potent inhibition of HIV. Further, Grft and other proteins have been encapsulated into silk materials for delivery on various timescales, with testing ongoing in macaques. The group also works on the anti-inflammatory protein vCCI, studying how this protein is able to tightly bind (and inhibit) dozens of pro-inflammatory chemokines.
Research Program: 
The P. LiWang Lab uses protein biochemistry to study HIV prevention, HIV eradication, and anti-inflammatory strategies.
QSB Emphasis Areas: 
Molecular Systems Biology
Microbial Systems Biology