A team of scientists led by UC Merced Professor Aaron D. Hernday has made a major advancement in understanding how the most common fungal pathogen in humans can alter its cellular phenotype and behavior. Although typically a benign component of the human microbiome, Candida albicans can transition into a dangerous pathogen that can cause yeast infections in women, thrush in...
UC Merced Professor Miriam Barlow was honored with a major award last month for her role in developing a method to restore the efficacy of antibiotics and help doctors deal with resistant bacteria. Barlow, a biologist, worked with American University mathematician Kristina Crona on the “Time Machine” software to rewind the evolution of bacteria. For that project,...
Professor Danielle Edwards is part of a team of researchers that made a huge discovery recently about two groups of giant Galapagos tortoises — they are actually two different species. The team’s paper, entitled “Description of a new Galapagos Giant Tortoise Species (Chelonoidis; Testudines: Testudinidae) from Cerro Fatal on Santa Cruz Island,” appears online...
Fracture healing involves communications between bone, muscle, vasculature, and the periosteum temporarily and spatially during fracture repair. Specifically, the periosteum, the thin fibrous tissue covering the cortical bone contains stem cells that migrates to the fracture site and differentiate into chondrocytes (cartilage forming cells) and/or osteoblasts (bone forming cells). However, little...
Every week, Bridget Martinez spends some time thinking about her goals. Then she makes a list — not just detailing the things she needs to do that week, but also outlining her long-term plans. “It’s a habit I’ve gotten into,” she said. “It keeps me motivated.” The habit has paid off. In 2014, she won a prestigious Dennis R Washington Achievement...
A doctoral degree is the culmination of years of study and hard work — a mark of determination, willpower and excellence in research and scholarship. For Quantitative and Systems Biology graduate student Yuriana Aguilar and the growing population of undocumented students like her, it is also a beacon of change and promise. Aguilar, who first enrolled as an...
  UC Merced undergraduate students can find opportunities to conduct research in a lab as early as their freshman year — what’s less common is getting that research funded.   Fourth-year biology major Adam Fishburn caught the eye of the American Society for Microbiology (ASM), which awarded him a $4,000 fellowship to help continue his work with Professor...
A new study from UC Merced Professor Jennifer O. Manilay promises to shed new light on how bone diseases can affect the maintenance of healthy blood and immune cell development throughout life. Funded by a $434,000 grant over three years from the National Institutes of Health — specifically the National Heart, Lung and Blood Institute — Manilay’s study will...
Professors Linda Hirst and Sayantani Ghosh are combining liquid crystals with nanoparticles such as gold and quantum dots to come up with a new platform that could have applications in fields such as optics and medicine. And the two new grants the School of Natural Sciences researchers have earned could help take their creations out of this world — ...
Cancer cells divide with more frequency and are more resilient when they are closer to the brain, indicating a potential link between cell growth and the nervous system, according to new research from Professor Néstor J. Oviedo of the University of California, Merced. UC Merced professor  Nestor J. Oviedo The study, published today (May 17) in the...


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