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QSB Seminar Series

Spring 2024

The Quantitative and Systems Biology Seminar Series will be held Fridays at 12:30pm in GRAN 135


Date Speaker Name, Institution Seminar Information Host Name
 1/19/2024   Stepfanie Aguillon,  Stanford University Understanding the Speciation Process through Phenotypes, Genotypes, and Behavior Sonia Vargas & Sam Fellows

Michael Loik, UC Santa Cruz

Ecological consequences of drought and deluge for the eastern Sierra Nevada Jay Sexton
2/2/2024  Anya Brown, UC Davis Ecology of Extended Phenotypes: Stressor Effects on Coral Hosts and their Microbes Maggie Sogin
2/9/2024 Rob Miller, University of New Mexico Plasticity in T cell receptors is more evident than previously thought Chris Amemiya
2/16/2024 Lucas Medeiros, UC Santa Cruz Understanding the impact of disturbances on ecosystems via data-driven theory Marilia Gaiarsa
2/23/2024 Alex Holehouse, Washington University in St. Louis Mapping from sequence to function in intrinsically disordered regions Shahar Sukenik
3/1/2024 Duncan Irschick, University of Massachusetts, Amherst Reconstructing the Shape of Life using Novel 3D technologies Matt Hutchinson
3/8/2024 Margot Williams, Baylor College of Medicine A matter of time: temporal regulation of gastrulation morphogenesis Stephanie Woo
3/15/2024 Jing Yan, Yale University Bacterial biofilms as self-shaping growing active matter Roberto Andresen Eguiluz
3/22/2024 Karin Wang, Temple University Investigating the mechanoregulatory role of fibronectin in tumor progression and wound healing Roberto Andresen Eguiluz
4/5/2024 Ken Cho, UC Irvine Maternal Transcription Factors and Epigenetic Modifiers in Regulating Cell Fate Determination During Zygotic Genome Activation Stefan Materna
4/12/2024 Danielle Fraser, Canadian Museum of Nature The Role of Biotic Interactions in the Evolution of Cenozoic (66 MA TO PRESENT) Mammal Communities Sora Kim
4/19/2024 Jonelle Basso, Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory Characterization of phage-mediated plant-microbe interactions in the rhizosphere Sonia Vargas & Sam Fellows
4/26/2024 Mande Holford   Michele Nishiguchi
5/3/2024 Kelly Zamudio, University of Texas at Austin Diversification and Conservation of Neotropical Amphibians Emily Jane McTavish