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QSB Seminar Series

Spring 2020

The Quantitative and Systems Biology Seminar Series will be held Fridays, 10:30-11:45 AM, in COB-110. Anna Beaudin and Emily Jane McTavish are the seminar series coordinators for the semester.

1/24/2020 - Rachel Meyer, UC Conservation Genomics Consortium. Host: Jay Sexton

1/31/2020 -  Noah Whiteman, UC Berkeley. Host: Gordon Bennett

2/7/2020 - Petra Kranzfelder, UC Merced. Host: Seminar Commitee

2/14/2020 - Canceled

2/21/2020 - Grad Lightining talks for Grad Visitation Weekend. Host: Seminar Committee

2/28/2020 - Scott Roy, SFSU

3/6/2020 - Devavani Chatterjea, Macalester. Host: Jennifer Manilay

3/13/2020 - Kimberly Tanner, UC San Francisco. Host: RadioBio/SACNAS

3/20/2020 - Angela Stathopoulos, Caltech. Host: Stephanie Woo

3/27/2020 - Cesar Chavez Day, no seminar

4/3/2020 - Brent Mishler, UC Berkeley. Host: Jay Sexton

4/10/2020 - Joseph Shen, UCSF. Host: Susan Ge

4/17/2020 -  Gordon Bennet, UC Merced

4/24/2020 - Ken Cho, UC Irvine. Host: Nestor Oveiedo

5/1/2020 - Onn Brandman, Stanford. Host: Shahar Sukenik

5/8/2020 - Jeroen Saeij, UC Davis. Host: Kirk Jensen

Previous Seminars

Fall 2019

9/13/2019 - Ruth Timme, Food and Drug Administration. Host: Emily Jane McTavish 

9/20/2019 - Roberto C. Andresen Eguiluz, UC Merced. Host: Seminar Committee 

9/27/2019 - Jeramiah Smith, University of Kentucky. Host: Chris Amemiya

10/4/2019 - Jason Shepherd, University of Utah. Host: Ramen Saha 

10/11/2019 - Angela Brooks, UC Santa Cruz. Host: Seminar Committee 

10/18/2019 - Rachael Bay, UC Davis. Host: Jessica Blois

10/25/2019 - Nitin Phadnis, University of Utah. Host: Seminar Committee

11/1/2019 - Bin Chen, UC Santa Cruz. Host: Xuecai Ge 

11/8/2019 - Dion Dickman, University of Southern California. Host: Fred Wolf

11/15/2019 - Sydney Glassman, UC Riverside. Host: Steve Hart 

11/22/2019 - Frank Burbrink, American Museum of Natural History. Host : Dan Edwards

12/6/2019 - Ashkaan Fahimipour, UC Davis. Host: Justin Yeakel

12/13/2019 - Orion Weiner, UC San Francisco. Host: Stephanie Woo

Spring 2019

1/25/2019 – Ned Wingreen, Princeton U. Host: Ajay Gopinathan

2/1/2019 – Tyrone Hayes, UC Berkeley. Host: RadioBio

2/8/2019 – Eric Delwart, UC San Francisco. Host: Juris Grassis

2/15/2019 – Deborah Gordon, Stanford University. Host: Dave Ardell

2/22/2019 – Sam Wasser, U. Washington. Host: Chris Amemiya

3/1/2019 – Joanne Emerson, UC Davis. Host: Carolin Frank

3/8/2019 – Sara Baguskas, San Francisco State U. Host: Jason Sexton

3/15/2019 – Kaoru Saijo, UC Berkeley. Host: Anna Beaudin

3/22/2019 – Joseph Bondy-Denomy, UCSF. Host: Kirk Jensen

4/5/2019 – Kathryn Milligan-Myhre, U. Alaska. Host (Sabah Ul-Hasan and Angel Kongsomboonvech (graduate student-invited speaker)

4/12/2019 – Britt Koskella, UC Berkeley. Host: Mark Sistrom

4/19/2019 – Roberta Pelanda U. Colorado, Denver. Host: Katrina Hoyer

4/26/2019 – Todd Holmes, UC Irvine. Host: Andy LiWang

5/3/2019 – David Neale, UC Davis. Host: Emily Moran

Fall 2018

Aug. 24 –  Faculty lightning talks

Aug. 31 – Faculty lightning talks

Sept. 7 – Allison Hansen, UC Riverside. It’s a small, small world: function of small RNAs in small genomes. Host: Gordon Bennett

Sept. 14 – Gregory Mutumi, UC Merced. Morphological diversification under high integration in a hyper diverse mammal clade. Host: Jessica Blois

Sept. 21 – Jacquelyn Gill, U. Maine. The once and future forests: ice age experiments for a warming world. Host: Jessica Blois

Sept. 28 – Shaeri Mukherjee, UC San Francisco. Turning pathogens into Cell Biology Tools. Host: Clarissa Nobile

Oct. 5 – Danielle Grotjahn, UC San Diego/Scripps. Host: Jing Xu

Oct. 12 – Whendee Silver, UC Berkeley. Host: Steve Hart

Oct. 19 – Shona Mokerjee, Touro U. Host: Miriam Barlow

Oct. 26 – TBD

Nov. 2 – Felipe Zapata, UC Los Angeles. Host: Emily Jane McTavish

Nov. 9 – Jarrod A. Dudakov, Fred Hutch Cancer Center. Host: Joel Spencer

Nov. 16 – Daron Freedberg, FDA.  Host: Patti LiWang

Nov. 30 – Rajat Rohatgi, Stanford U. Host: Xuecai (Susan) Ge

Dec. 7 – Peter Bradley, UC Los Angeles. Hosts: Anh Diep and Angel Kongsomboonvech (graduate student-invited speaker)


Spring 2018

The Quantitative and Systems Biology Seminar Series will be held Fridays, 1:30-2:45pm, in SSM 104. Fred Wolf is the seminar series coordinator for the semester.

Jan 19 — Color vision in Heliconius erato: Genes, Physiology and Behavior Adriana Briscoe, UC Irvine Host: Dave Ardell

Jan 26 — Partnering as a Strategy to Increase the Impact of Research Peter Schuerman, UC Merced Host: Fred Wolf

Feb 2 —Flying Lizard Phylogenomics and Sulawesi Biogeography Jim McGuire, UC Berkeley Host: Dan Edwards

Feb 9 — Genomic control mechanisms that establish T-cell identity Ellen Rothenberg, Caltech Host: Jennifer Manilay

Feb 16 — No seminar

Feb 23 — Drunken Sailors, Coin Flips and How to Read Genomes Robert Phillips, Caltech Host: Ajay Gopinathan

Mar 2 — Negative regulation of B cell autoimmunity Julie Zikherman, UC san Francisco Host: Anna Beaudin

Mar 9 — Identification of a special Treg subset acting as stem cell protectants—possible therapeutic target for transplantation, tissue regeneration, and cancerJoji Fujisaki, Columbia Host: Katrina Hoyer

Mar 16 —Regulation of cell shape and virulence by temperature in the fungal pathogen Histoplasma capsulatum Anita Sil, UC San Francisco Host: RadioBio & SACNAS

Mar 23 — Genome Evolution in Animals Daniel Rokhsar, UC Berkeley Host: Chris Amemiya

Apr 6 — Good Drugs Gone Bad: Antimicrobial Resistance Research at Fresno State Tricia Van Laar, CSU Fresno Host: Mark Sistrom

Apr 13 — I will survive! A macroevolutionary perspective on the drought physiology of conifers and ferns Jarmila Pittermann, UC Santa Cruz Host: Emily Moran

Apr20 — Deconstruction of and modulation of thalamocortical circuits in Epilepsy Jeanne Paz, UC San Francisco Host: Ramen Saha

Apr 27 — Coexistence in close relatives: a nexus of historical and ecological processes Sharon Strauss, UC Davis Host: Jay Sexton

May 4 — Trait evolution in mimicry systems: A big data approach to the study of convergence Alison Davis Rabosky, Michigan Host: QSB Students

May 11 — No Seminar

Fall 2017

The Quantitative and Systems Biology Seminar Series will be held Fridays 1:30-2:45 in COB2 170. Jessica Blois is the seminar series coordinator for the semester.

8/25/17 — Fitness landscapes and the predictability of evolution. Claudia Bank, Gulbenkian Institute. Emily Jane McTavish hosting 

9/1/17 — Faculty lightning talks

9/8/17 — Faculty lightning talks

9/15/17 — Seeing the grass through the trees: Effects of Neogene vegetation change on mammalian evolution in eastern Africa. Kevin Uno, CUNY. Justin Yeakel hosting 

9/22/17 — Peter Schuerman, UC Merced Associate Vice Chancellor for Research and Economic Development Cancelled!

9/29/17 — Simple model systems provide insight into mechanisms of human neurodegenerative diseases. Aaron Gitler, Stanford University. Xuecai (Susan) Ge hosting

10/6/17 — The American Gut Project: Utilizing Citizen Science to Advance Our Understanding of the Role of the Human Microbiome in Health and Disease. Embriette Hyde, UCSD.  Student Hosted!

10/13/17 — Linking molecules with morphology in the -Omics age: computational taxonomy pipelines for microbial metazoa. Holly Bik, UC Riverside. Emily Jane McTavish hosting

10/20/17 — Plant–Soil Microbe Interactions in Semi-Arid Systems: Who’s Driving the Bus? John Stark, Utah St.  Steve Hart hosting

10/27/17 — Mechanical control of tissue morphogenesis. Otger Campas, UC Santa Barbara.  Stephanie Woo hosting

11/3/17 — Disentangling proximate and evolutionary mechanisms of sexual dimorphism. Marie-Claire Chelini, UC President's Postdoctoral Fellow, UC Merced. 

11/10/17 — No seminar: Veteran's Day

11/17/17 — Metabolic regulation of the circadian clock: rethinking your midnight snack. Joanna Chiu, UC Davis.  Andy LiWang hosting

11/24/17 — No seminar: Thanksgiving

12/1/17 — How HIV evolves within a patient : fast adaptation, fitness costs, PrEP resistance and treatment success. Pleuni Pennings, San Francisco State U.  Emilia Huerta-Sanchez hosting.

12/8/17 — Age-related stem cell dysfunction: lessons from Drosophila. Heinrich Jasper, Buck Institute.  Fred Wolf hosting

Spring 2017

The Quantitative and Systems Biology Seminar Series will be held Fridays 12-1:20 in COB2 170. Fred Wolf is the seminar series coordinator for the semester.

1/27/17 — Surveying the Bioenergetic Landscape for New Therapeutic Targets. Nathan Lanning, CSU Los Angeles. Fabian Filipp hosting

2/3/17 — Mercedes Rincon, University of Vermont. Katrina Hoyer hosting

2/10/17 — Adaptation to changing climate in Arabidopsis thaliana. Johanna Schmitt, UC Davis. Emily Moran hosting 

2/17/17 — Blind fish provide big insights. Suzanne McGaugh, University of Minnesota. Emily Jane McTavish hosting

2/24/17 — Identification of biological novelty using comparative genomics: Looking for the good stuff in genomes. Chris Amemiya, University of Washington. Nestor Oviedo hosting

3/3/17 — Chemo-Transcriptomic Methods to Measure RNA Structure Inside Living Cells. Rob Spitale, UC Irvine.  Mike Cleary hosting 

3/10/17 — Lizards as Model Organisms in Evolutionary and Ecological Studies. Jack Sites, Brigham Young University.  Dan Edwards hosting

3/17/17 — Daniel Weinreich, Brown University.  Suzanne Sindi hosting

3/24/17 — Pheromone Perception: Structure and Function of Pheromone-Binding Protein. Smita Mohanty, Oklahoma State University.  Patti LiWang hosting

3/31/17 — No seminar

4/7/17 — Paul Ashwood, UC Davis. Student Hosted!

4/14/17 — Alex Nord, UC Davis.  Neuro/Ramen Saha hosting

4/21/17 — Todd McDevitt, Gladstone Institute @ UCSF.  Kara McCloskey hosting

4/28/17 — Multilayered B cell immunity to influenza virus infection. Nicole Baumgarth, UC Davis.  Anna Beaudin hosting

5/5/17 — Artificial Cells from Paper. Anand Bala Subramaniam, UC Merced


Fall 2016

The Quantitative and Systems Biology Seminar Series is held Fridays from 1:30 - 2:45 pm in CLSSRM (COB) 267.

8/26/16 — No seminar. Students enrolled in the class should still attend for a brief organizational meeting. 

9/2/16 — James Hurley, UC Berkeley. Structural snapshots of the HIV replication cycle. Patti LiWang hosting 

9/9/16 — Hana El-Samad, UCSF. Anticipators and Procrastinators, Synthetic Biology and Big Data. Aaron Hernday hosting

9/16/16 — Rachel S. Friedman, University of Colorado Medical School. Modulating the dynamics of the autoimmune response in the pancreatic islets in type 1 diabetes. Katrina Hoyer hosting 

9/23/16 — Yonggang Chang, UC Merced. A dynamic day of a three-protein circadian clock. Jessica Blois hosting

9/30/16 — Steve Finkel, USC. Mechanisms of Long-Term Survival & Evolution of Bacteria. Dave Ardell hosting

10/7/16 — Matthias Hess, UC Davis. Systems Microbiology Techniques for Enhanced Ecosystem Health. Clarissa Nobile hosting

10/14/16 — Elsa Cleland, UC San Diego. Plant invasions alter community and ecosystem responses to climate change. Jay Sexton hosting 

10/21/16 — Rebecca Yang, Duke University. Optogenetics-assisted reinforcement learning in Drosophila. Fred Wolf hosting 

10/28/16 — Sergei Nachaev, University of North Dakota. Beyond the promoter: regulating gene activation through transcriptional pausing. Ramen Saha hosting 

11/4/16 — Kara Juneau, Roche Sequencing division. Morgan Quail and QSB Graduate Students hosting 

11/18/16 — Marjorie Matocq, U. Nevada-Reno. Genetic and ecological interactions across woodrat hybrid zones. Jessica Blois hosting 

12/2/16 — Steven Brown, UCSD. Cell Death and Division Site Maintenance in E. coli. Jing Xu hosting 

12/9/16 — Alan Hastings, UC Davis. Justin Yeakel hosting


Spring 2016

*Non-standard dates and times are indicated

1/22/16 —  Roger Tseng, UC Merced (PhD Dissertation Defense). Structural Basis of Day/Night transition in the Cyanobacterial Circadian Clock. Andy LiWang hosting

1/29/16 —  No seminar scheduled

2/5/16 —  Amro Hamdoun, UC San Diego. How the bad guys distract the bouncers: Persistent organic pollutants in yellowfin tuna from the Gulf of Mexico inhibit mammalian P-gp. QSB Graduate Students hosting

2/12/16 —  Norman Ellstrand, UC Riverside. Is gene flow the most important evolutionary force in plants? Emily Moran hosting

2/19/16 —  Michael Greenfield, University of Kansas. Chorusing emerges from receiver psychoacoustics: on the origin of elaborate forms of synchrony and alternation in acoustic animal species. Marilyn Fogel hosting

2/24/16, 3:30-4:30pm* —  Laura Burrus & Carmen Domingo, SFSU. Connecting the dots: Linking the biochemistry and cell biology of Wnt lipid modifications to embryonic development. Laura Beaster-Jones hosting (KL360)

3/4/16 —  Uma Ramakrishnan, NCBS, Bangalore. Understanding tiger conservation through a genetic lens. Jessica Blois hosting

3/11/16 —  Tom Whitham, Northern Arizona University. Common garden arrays and community genetics approaches enable adaption to global change. Stephen Hart hosting

3/18/16 —  Jean-Philippe Pellois, Texas A&M University. Cellular Trojan horses and trapdoors: transport of macromolecules into a cell by escaping the endocytic pathway. Ramen Saha hosting

4/1/16 —  Ian Wang, UC Berkeley. The evolution of intraspecific color and toxin diversity in poison frogs. Danielle Edwards hosting

4/8/16 —  Julie Simpson, UC Santa Barbara. The circuit logic of motor program selection in fly grooming behavior. Fred Wolf hosting

4/15/16 —  Ben Chan, Yale. Mark Sistrom hosting

4/22/16 —  Jon Zehr, UC Santa Cruz. Unusual marine nitrogen-fixing symbiosis: implications for evolution and global nitrogen fixation. Carolin Frank hosting

4/29/16 —  Paul Straight, Texas A&M University. Battling Bacteria: Enzymatic and Chemical Interfaces. Andy LiWang hosting

5/6/16 —  David Low, UC Santa Barbara. Mechanisms of contact-dependent communication between bacteria. Clarissa Nobile hosting


Fall 2015*

*This list will be updated as we receive more information about seminars. For students enrolled in QSB 291, there is no need to show up for class/seminar until the first talk on Sept. 11

**Non-standard dates and times are indicated

Sept. 11 —  Dr. Sunil Gandhi, Opening a new critical period using inhibitory neuron transplantation. Ramendra Saha hosting

Oct. 16 — Dr. Susannah Tringe, Impact of salinity and restoration status on microbial greenhouse gas cycling in coastal wetlands. Carolin Frank hosting

Oct. 23 — Dr. Rakefet Schwarz, To be or not to be planktonic? Regulation of Biofilm Development in the Cyanobacterium Synechococcus elongatus. AndyLiWang hosting

Nov. 6 — Dr. Hana El-Samad. Aaron Hernday hosting [cancelled, to be rescheduled]

Nov. 13 — Dr. Tanya Woyke, The ABC of Single Cell Genomics. Carolin Frank hosting

Nov. 17** — 3pm, SE1 270. Stuart Gallagher, Centenary Institute, Tumor immunology of malignant melanoma. Fabian Filipp hosting  

Nov. 20 — Dr. Denise M. Monack, Mechanisms of persistent Salmonella infection and transmission. Kirk Jensen hosting

Dec. 4 — Dr. Jonathan Maltzman, Regulatory T cells need more foxes than FOXP3. Katrina Hoyer hosting


Spring 2015

Jan 23 — Ivo Grosse Dave Ardell hosting

Feb 13 — Todd Lowe, UCSC Dave Ardell hosting

Feb 20 — Ulrike Luderer, UC Irvine Masashi Kitazawa hosting

Mar 20 — Elva Diaz, UC Davis Fred Wolf hosting

Apr 10 — Taekyung Kim, University of Texes Southwestern Ramendra Saha hosting

Apr 17 — Rob Gunsalus, UCLA. Miriam Barlow hosting

Apr 24 — Sarah Brown, UC Merced Jessica Blois hosting

May 1 — Yongjie Yang, Tufts University Masashi Kitazawa hosting

May 8 — Marcelo Wood, UC Irvine Ramendra Saha hosting


Fall 2014

Sep. 15 —   Hillary Young (UCSB) "Cascading effects of biodiversity loss across spatial scales." Host: Jessica Blois

Oct. 10 —   Jeff Coller (Case Reserve Western University) Hosts: Michael Cleary and David Ardell

Oct. 24 —   Joel Rothman (UCSB) Host: Nestor Oviedo

Oct. 31 —   Jing Wang (UCSD) Host: Fred Wolf

Nov. 7  —   Diana Laird (UCSF) "Dynamic microenvironments in the development of the germ line." Host: David Ardell

Nov. 14 —  Paul Knoephler (UC Davis) "A variant path to plasticity: histone H3.3 function in stem cells." Host: Ramen Saha

Nov. 21 —  Isaac Pessah (UC Davis) Host: Masashi Kitazawa

Dec. 5   —  Robert Tinoco (UCSD) Host: Katrina Hoyer

Dec. 12 —  Kelley Tseng (UNLV) Host: Nestor Oviedo