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Why QSB?

To study living systems, we must take them apart to identify and manipulate the pieces. But to understand, explain, predict and engineer living systems, we must use models to fit the pieces back together again.
More successful and effective investigations and interventions on biological systems — from macromolecules to ecosystems — demand new concepts, new vocabularies and new skills that cut across traditional disciplines.
A QSB degree offers quantitative training to suit your preparation and needs, an interdisciplinary cohort of students and faculty to build your confidence working in collaborative cross-disciplinary teams, and the opportunity to master the concepts and technology of modern biological research. 
As the defining focus of a biology graduate program, Quantitative and Systems Biology aims to accelerate the pace at which paradigm-shifting discoveries transform biology.
The QSB graduate program has strengths in four particular areas within Biology:
1. Molecular and Cell Biology with disciplinary strengths in:
** Biochemistry and Molecular Biology
** Cell and Developmental Biology
** Neurobiology
** Microbiology and Immunology
** Physiology
2. Ecology and Evolutionary Biology with disciplinary strengths in:
** Molecular Evolution and Ecology
** Microbial Ecology and Genomics
** Organismal and Integrative Biology
** Population Ecology, Genetics and Genomics
3. Systems and Synthetic Biology with disciplinary strengths in:
** Molecular Systems Biology
** Systems Ecology
** Synthetic Biology
4. Quantitative Biology and Bioinformatics with disciplinary strengths in:
** Mathematical Biology
** Computational Biology
** Physical Biology
** Structural Biology
** Bioinformatics
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