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QSB Documents

QSB guidance documents are helpful for gauging student progress. Student faculty committees are required to evaluate the progress of all QSB students annually.

  • Annual Faculty Committee Meeting
  • ​Annual student progress report format - for use by grad students. The student sends a progress report to committee members ahead of the committee meeting.
  • Annual Student Review - QSB students are required to hold a committee meeting yearly, and to complete the Annual Student Review. This Annual Review is to be completed by the student, the advisor, and the chair of the committee. The completed form is submitted to the Interdepartmental Programs Staff before the end of the Spring semester.
  • Master's Degrees
  • ​For instructions on applying for a Master's degree, see the Graduate Division's Forms and Publications Page
  • MS I, Thesis Track
  • MS thesis evaluation sheet - for use by thesis committees
  • ​MS II, Coursework and Comprehensive Exam Track
  • ​MS comprehensive exam rubric and signature page - for use by exam committees
  • ​PhD Degree
  • Concentrations
  • ​QSB offers Concentrations in specialized fields of biology. Students enrolling in a concentration will take courses aimed towards specialized skill development, and the degree conferred will include the concentration. Current concentrations offered are:
  • Molecular and Cellular Biology. Students will develop scholarship, teaching, and experimental research skills in one or more areas of Molecular and Cell Biology, including biochemistry, molecular biology, cell biology, developmental biology, immunology, microbiology, neurobiology, and physiology. Here are the Policies and Procedures for the MCB Concentration.
  • Ph.D. Qualifying Exam
  • The format of the research proposal will be determined by the student in consultation with their adviser and committee; however the proposal must follow the format of a research proposal to a major funding agency in the student's area of research. Consult, e.g., NSF or NIH guidelines, or the ​linked example of a different format
  • For instructions and forms on how to apply for the qualifying exam, see the Graduate Division's Forms and Publications Page
  • Instructions for Advancement to Candidacy
  • For instructions and forms on how to advance to candidacy, see the Graduate Division's Forms and Publications Page
  • PhD Dissertation
  • Dissertation syllabus
  • Dissertation rubric - for use by dissertation committees
  • ​Learning Outcomes
  • ​ MS I, MS II, and PhD
  • Policies and Procedures - official QSB degree requirements
  • Courses that satisfy the Quantitative, Systems, and elective components