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Undergrad Experience: Gabriel Viramontes

February 19, 2021

Gabriel ViramontesName: Gabriel Viramontes

Year: Fourth year

Major: Biological Sciences

Hometown: Lodi

What is a memorable project that you worked on during your time at UC Merced?

One of the most memorable projects I have had the opportunity to be a part of is my current research project in Professor Clarissa Nobile’s lab. I am attempting to understand the mechanistic properties of a clumping mechanism within an opportunistic fungus so we can be able to create new therapeutic drugs for candidiasis infections.

What did you learn personally and academically by participating in this?

This whole experience has opened my eyes to how expansive biology is and the many career paths I am able to take. In addition, it has helped me find the passion that I have for research and is paving the way for my Ph.D. studies.

UC Merced has a lot of opportunities for experiential learning. What would you say to a future student who wants to be involved?

One of the best things about this campus is the large number of clubs and organizations out there. At every corner, a new sign or poster is hanging on the wall. Take the time to slow down and read them because this is the best way to find something to get involved in. When deciding what you want to get involved in just remember that sometimes taking leaps of chance is how you end up finding an opportunity that might just shine a light on a new interest or future career.